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The themes for each piece are inspired from various sources - from fashion magazines and art books, to movies and songs. They are drawn in pencil, then traced over in pen. That is then scanned and arranged in Photoshop into an extravagant design.

Everything from making the screen to the actual printing are done right from my kitchen. Since I was near broke and jobless when I started out, various alternative methods and tools, often from the dollar store, were used to keep the budget low. The same tools and methods are used today.

The ink used are Speedball's water-based ink. Some are my own concauctions to create unique colours, not sold by the brand. Unlike acrylic-based inks, they don't have a bulky texture, which is more ideal for my creations.

All unique designs and patterns are original creations. The materials, including broadcloths, faux fur, zippers, etc. are sourced locally.

・Everything from buttons to jewelry and accessories are designed and assembled from home. All materials from button parts to beads and electronic parts are purchased from my neighbourhood.

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